Before you work with them, work with us.

Your customers are not just doing business with you; they’re doing business with everyone that you rely on. Your vendors, your service providers and your business partners all impact your customers’ experience with you. You can’t run your business well if your suppliers don’t run theirs. Before you start relying on a company to service you and your customers, understand who they are. If you can’t rely on your vendors, your customers can’t rely on you.

Here are recommended services for our Vendor Screening solutions:

Our Vendor Screening solutions investigate a prospective business partner by checking financial stability, criminal history, business affiliations and more. But the companies that you do business with are more than just a name and a logo. You are working with the corporation as a whole, working with their executives, and also with individual employees. We can investigate all three levels with our Company Search, Principals Search and Employees Search. You can order one of these packages or select individual services.

Company Search includes corporation (or limited liability company) information including corporate history and relevant filings. Areas of investigation include these Services: Criminal Court Records, Civil Court History, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments, and Media Appearance History. In addition the Company search confirms address verification, business description, state/corporate filings, UCC filings, regulatory information, Excluded Parties Lists (now SAM), and property and asset records.

Principals Search is an investigation into the C-suite or other executives of the corporation. This search includes the following Services on individual people: Social Security Number Validation, Professional Credentials Verification, Criminal Court Records, Civil Court History, Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments, Media Appearance History and National Criminal Check.
In addition, the Principals Search includes verification of property and asset records, regulatory information, supplemental criminal/wanted persons check, and Excluded Parties Lists (now SAM).

Employees Search is a basic background check on individual employees. This search includes the following Services: Social Security Number Validation, Credit Report, Criminal Court Records, and Civil Court History. In addition, it includes a supplemental criminal/wanted persons check.

Business partners concluding a deal